Jacques H. Baumann
lic. ├Ęs lettres

Why do we need areas of specialization? Because some people have to learn a specific vocabulary, and because translations and writing can require special skills.

Computer Science:
My first education is Computer Specialist. I
worked in this occupation for 10 years in various
industrial companies before moving into the
world of education and languages. Thanks to
this experience, I can take over your
documentation work for IT.

Culture, Literature, History:
With a degree in French literature and a very
wide general knowledge, I am able to write,
translate or correct all your documents in most
cultural fields. I have good knowledge of history,
Latin culture, languages and geography.

Tourism in France:
Because I have had several ties with France
from the beginning and have dual nationality, my
knowledge of that country is very extensive. In
addition, I had the opportunity to visit almost all
regions of France.

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