Jacques H. Baumann
lic. ├Ęs lettres


French lessons:
Your employees are trained in your offices in a
studious and relaxed atmosphere. The content
of the courses is in French, unless the
participants are beginners. In this case, some
explanations can be given in German or English.
DELF/DALF diploma courses can also be given,
as well as private courses.
Region: Biel/Bienne, Olten (SO).
Fee per hour (60 minutes):
69.00 CHF + course material

Private lessons
This is particularly useful for students and
apprentices who wish to obtain support for their
French course or prepare their stay in a
French-speaking country.
Fee per hour (60 minutes): 49.- CHF

Also possible in groups
(the price does not change!).

Your texts are written in their entirety in
accordance with the requirements of your
project. In this way, elements such as language
level, target audience and level of complexity
can be taken into into consideration. General
topics or topics related to my fields of
specialization may be considered. All the
necessary care will be taken with your texts to
satisfy your request. Be precise in your request
so that I can provide you with the best possible
Fee: 1.50 CHF per 100 words.

It is done in the German or English to French
direction. The final text is revised in details
so that the reader has the impression that
French is the original language. A perfect
balance between fidelity to the original text and
a good fluidity is always found.
Fee: 0.25 CHF per word of the french text.
0.35 CHF per word of the specialized French
text (IT, tourism, culture)

Your existing texts are proofread and grammar
and spelling errors are corrected. Without style
correction, the text is not otherwise modified. If
you opt for revision, the style is also corrected if
necessary and guarantees you a fully
professional text.
Price without style correction: 0.10 CHF per

Price with style correction: 0.15 CHF per
of the final text.

Pricing and payment methods

The payment methods FOR ALL SERVICES are as follows:
- VISA or Mastercard credit card
- Bank transfer
- Paper invoice sent to your address

Terms and conditions for French courses
Prices are fixed and independent of the number of participants or language level. The course material (books and notebooks), is at your charge. For school support, you must prove your presence in an educational or training establishment (school, university, apprenticeship...)

Terms and conditions for written services (translation, writing, proofreading)
For written services, the pricing is determined according to the number of words. This is the fairest and most honest way to set a price. You do not pay by the hour or by the line (the price depends on the formatting of the document), but by the word.
To determine the number of words, the software LibreOffice in its most recent version is used and serves as a reference. The final format can be in ODT, DOC, DOCX or PDF depending on what you want. Without any specification on your part, the format used is ODT (LibreOffice).

Please note that each writing service is subject to a basic fee of CHF 19.-. This is used to cover the long-term IT storage costs, the invoicing and the preparation of your order. If you lose or delete your documents by mistake, we can send them back to you free of charge.
Orders for translations, proofreading and editing extremely urgent are possible but submitted to an additional surtax of 50% of the normal price.

Rights on texts resulting from written services and limits
Once the order has been settled and completed, you have exclusive rights to the delivered texts and can freely dispose of them as you wish.

Only the text is delivered to you: the formatting (i.e. font type and size, margins, text colors) is not taken into account in the final document.
Image editing and manipulation are also not supported. If an illustration contains text, it will simply be translated and placed in direct proximity. The image will not be manipulated under any circumstances.

To view these services, consult my work!