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The Linguis website is the property of Baumann Services Linguistiques, a supplier of services for the French language, through which its work is sold and promoted.
Baumann Services Linguistiques does its utmost to provide a professional service of the highest possible quality, while ensuring a friendly collaboration with its customers. These general terms and conditions of sale are valid as a settlement between Baumann Services Linguistiques and its customers. A customer is any company or private person using Baumann Services Linguistiques for its skills in the following fields:
- French language courses at all levels
- Translation in the German->French or English->French
- Writing one or more texts in French
- Proofreading and correction of one or more texts in French
Limit of services: any service other than the above mentioned will not be covered.
Baumann Services Linguistiques does not support image processing, even if they contain text. However, in this case, the text is translated or worked on and placed in the immediate area.
The layout of documents such as margins, font size and color are also not supported.
For Online Language Services (translation, writing and proofreading):
When delivering the order online, the customer must check the service and report any irregularities or dissatisfaction within five working days. After this period, the order is considered as fully accepted. The client then undertakes to pay the amount due to Baumann Services Linguistiques according to the current rate.
In the event of dissatisfaction, Baumann Services Linguistiques will take over the modification of the service free of charge in the following cases:
- Part of the text to be written, translated or corrected has been omitted by Baumann Services Linguistiques
- Despite numerous revisions and all the care given to the service, one or more translation or French errors remained.
- A particular customer request was not taken into account by Baumann Services Linguistiques, even if it was communicated in time (examples: length, language level, etc.).
In the following cases, the modification of the service is the responsibility of the client:
- A particular customer request was communicated too late to Baumann Services Linguistiques. ALL ASPECTS AND WISHES OF THE CLIENT MUST BE TRANSMITTED MOST CLEARLY AND PRECISELY POSSIBLE AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER, i.e. when requesting service by email or telephone.
- The customer requests a partial or total revision of the texts more than twice within 5 working days after delivery.
- The customer requests a partial or total revision of the texts after 5 working days following the delivery date.
A reworking is any act involving the modification, addition or deletion of information in a given text. If the redesign is to be invoiced, the number of words deleted or added determines the amount of the service according to the rates in use.

French courses (all levels) at your premises:
Baumann Services Linguistiques gives courses in a professional way, by a certified trainer, graduated from a French university and with a French mother tongue.
The level taught is not static but increases according to the goal expected by the client and the time available. Courses are preferably held in groups, but it is also possible to schedule private lessons.
Baumann Services Linguistiques is committed to teaching French according to the time and place agreed with the client. The level (A1 to C2 on the European reference scale), the aims sought as well as the means of teaching (books and notebooks) are the subject of an agreement with the client. It is up to the client to determine and provide a suitable training location.
If a course cannot take place at the agreed appointment, the client must inform Baumann Services Linguistiques at least 24 hours in advance. In this case, no fees are charged to the customer. However, if this deadline is not met, the full price of the agreed price(s) must be paid by the client.
In the event of train delays, extreme traffic density, natural disasters, other unforeseeable events, the client is not charged when a course cannot take place, regardless of whether the absence is attributed to the teacher or participants.

In the case of school support, participants must provide evidence of attendance at a school for training purposes at least 2 days per week. The following are considered as schools: vocational schools, maturity schools, schools of general culture, universities, business schools.

The prices displayed are in Swiss francs and are net amounts. Please note that each service (except training/french courses) is subject to a basic fee of CHF 19.-. This is used to cover the long-term IT storage costs, the invoicing and the preparation of your order.

Orders for translations, proofreading and editing extremely urgent are possible but submitted to an additional surtax of 50% of the normal price.

The customer can pay by 3 means:

- VISA or Mastercard credit card: the customer receives a clickable link by email and a form to enter his credit card data.
- Swiss bank transfer: The customer receives by email the bank data necessary to make a transfer.
- Paper invoicing: The customer receives a paper invoice by post that he can pay.

Once the purchase is made and payment received by Baumann Services Linguistiques, the translations and texts written or corrected are the exclusive property of the client, who may freely dispose of them.
Since the prices are given by the number of words in the final text, the most recent version of LibreOffice Writer software is used as a reference for word counting.
Baumann Services Linguistiques does not make refunds EXCEPT in the case of a payment in error, i.e. if the client has paid an amount that was not due to Baumann Services Linguistiques.
As part of the in-company courses, the books and notebooks are the responsibility of the client. Baumann Services Linguistiques does, however, charge 12% of the total price of books and notebooks to cover the costs of ordering, storage and distribution.
Invoices sent to the customer are payable within 30 days from the date of sending them electronically or on paper.
Baumann Services Linguistiques does not collaborate IN ANY CASE AND IN ANY WAY in the development of the following content: apology for crime, incitement to hate, pornography. Mandates from companies and institutions in the following sectors are also systematically refused: military, military industry, nuclear industry. Baumann Services Linguistiques reserves the right to refuse any mandate in which the content is deemed inappropriate.

Delivery and Availability
The delivery of the various online language services (translation, proofreading, writing) can take place anywhere in Switzerland. However, the bilingual area of Biel/Bienne and its region (Cantons of Solothurn and Bern) is privileged.
Delivery preferably takes place by e-mail (mail) by which the customer receives his order and payment data. If the files are large (larger than 4 MB), a secure and privacy-friendly (cloud) transfer system can be used.
The delivery time is negotiated at the time of ordering between the customer and Baumann Services Linguistiques.
For French language courses, geographical availability is limited. Courses can only take place in the following cities:
- City of Biel/Bienne
- City of Solothurn
- City of Olten
Due to a high professional occupation, Baumann Services Linguistiques reserves the right to refuse course requests if it is not possible to ensure the smooth running of the course or if availability does not allow.

Protecting the privacy of customers is a MAJOR concern of Baumann Services Linguistiques, whether they are private companies or individuals.
All customer data is kept in the strictest confidence. They are in no case transmitted to a third party, except when the customer expressly requests it. The customer's data may be completely deleted at any time, when the customer requests it, even without specifying the reason.
Baumann Services Linguistiques keeps the texts and data of the services provided for its clients. At any time and without specifying the reason, the client is entitled to request all the information held by Baumann Services Linguistiques without exception and to request its total removal.
Baumann Services Linguistiques undertakes not to use a cloud online storage system, except when the customer expressly requests it, or when the volume of data in a service exceeds 4MB (megabytes). In the latter case, a secure and privacy-friendly file transfer system can be used.
Baumann Services Linguistiques undertakes not to use the products and services of companies known for their lack of respect for privacy. These companies are: Apple, Facebook/WhatsApp, LinkedIn, DropBox, Google (except Ads), Amazon, Microsoft (except Microsoft Office at the express request of the customer).
Baumann Services Linguistiques uses Linux systems as well as LibreOffice in a spirit of privacy. Even on mobiles, Baumann Services Linguistiques uses LineageOS to do without Google, Apple or Microsoft services. The Internet service providers used by Baumann Services Linguistiques are selected for their reliability and respect for privacy.
The website of Baumann Services Linguistiques does not include cookies, links to Facebook or any other so-called "social" network.
The use of alternative software does not affect the efficiency and quality of work of Baumann Services Linguistiques.

Any dispute relating to this contract, its conclusion, or its execution is subject to Swiss law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction being Olten, SO, Switzerland.
If these general terms and conditions differ from the French or German version, the document in French shall prevail.